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The Studio What to Expect at Forteza

There was a time when gymnasiums and fitness clubs were not just someplace you stopped in for an hour on your way home from work: they were a part of your social, cultural and intellectual life. This sense of community is part of the Forteza difference. Even though students of swordplay, modern self-defense or private training clients might never interact in class, they are all part of the larger Forteza family, with the same opportunities to participate in special training and social events we host throughout the year.

Class Structure

Combining classes, small group lessons and private lessons, our formal classes are designed to scale to your fitness and experience level, so you will always have a challenge no matter where you are in your development. We also use a variety of different class formats, to give students the best chance to push themselves and their training to new heights:

  • Boot Camps are short, focused training regimens meant to increase physical fitness and peak performance;
  • Taster Classes are introductory classes to our martial arts programs, and are the perfect way to enter a new discipline or at least give it a test drive!
  • Foundations Classes are beginner to intermediate level martial arts classes, and are the core training for that program. If you like what you see in the Taster Class, this is where you go next! Foundations Classes are also the perfect way for long-time students to keep their basics crisp.
  • Focus Classes are martial arts classes aimed at a specific weapon or topic and build off of the skills learned in Foundations.
  • Not everyone has the schedule flexibility for set class times, or they find that they learn better in a more intimate setting. Our small group classes are for 2 – 4 students, all of whom are there to work on the same, specific skill set or exercises. Push yourself, push each other, and get the benefits of personalized attention and group interaction!

Private lessons are just that: private. We’ve all had the frustration of signing up for a private lesson in personal training, martial arts, music or dance, only to find that there is a second person training, or the instructor is running several “private” lessons at once. When you sign up for a private lesson at Forteza, you are the client, and you will always be working one-on-one with your instructor to get the specific results you seek.

What to Bring

Although some of our martial arts classes will eventually require a uniform and training weapons of your own, all you need to get started in any program we offer are comfortable workout clothes, a water bottle, towel, a training notebook and lots of enthusiasm – we’ll supply the rest!

Who can Participate?

Our objectives – Strength • Speed •Wisdom • Courage – are a life-path, not a pre-requisite! If your goal is to better yourself, and our programs and approach appeal to you, then there is a home waiting for you at Forteza. We have men and women of all fitness levels, from reforming couch potatoes to well-conditioned athletes.

If you have any specific physical limitations or injuries you are working with, be sure to let our staff know so we can appropriately adapt the program to your needs.

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