Combatives Club

Self-Defense and Practical Self-Protection

The Forteza Combatives Method is an eclectic blend of proven fighting arts designed to meet the needs of today’s martial arts enthusiasts. We offer a well rounded approach to take your fighting skills to new heights, by combining boxing, kicking, clinch fighting, ground fighting, edged weapons survival, fitness training, and more!

The Forteza System is taught in a series of four integrated modules:

Closed Fist Combatives: a blend of old school Western bare knuckle boxing, combined with the devastating knees and elbows of Muay Thai and the kicks of old-school Korean martial arts.

Ground Survival: the Forteza Combatives Method’s ground fighting techniques are a mix of military ground fighting combatives, jujitsu, and American Catch Wrestling. Our Catch Wrestling curriculum comes from Dr. Les Moore, in the lineage of Billy “Pops” Wicks. Ground survival training teaches throws, holds, submissions, and escapes to give you the skills needed when a fight goes to the ground. This is decidedly not grappling for sports competition, but rather for reality of the street.

Empty Hand Combatives: practical unarmed combatives training gives you gross motor skills that you can use to brutal efficiency in the chaos of an actual violent encounter. This includes open and closed fist strikes, joint locks and breaks, throws, and trapping skills.

Edges Weapons Survival: the defensive and offensive use of the knife. Our edged weapons program is based on the world renowned Martial Blade Concepts system developed by well-known self-defense personal protection instructor Michael Janich, over more than 30 years of training, research, and analysis of the world’s most effective fighting arts.

Combat-Conditioning: get into fighting shape with a blend of pad work, kettlebells, body weight exercises, and fighter conditioning. We will get you in fighting shape…..guaranteed. Besides being a robust, complete fighting system, the Forteza Combatives System is designed to be practical, efficient and tactical. You’ll train your bodies hard, but you’ll also hone your minds, learning how to boil empty-hand and weapon tactics down to the critical skills that you really need to survive a violent encounter, while putting a heavy emphasis on skills of tactical awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation.

Forteza’s Modern Self-Defense program is led by Keith Jennings, a direct student of both Dr. Les Moore and one of the Martial Blade Concepts first instructors to be fully-licensed by founder Mike Janich.


Beginning at attending a session of the Combatives Club, which meets one Sunday each month, or attending one of our regular workshops, held throughout the year.

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