Tradition and Innovation


Forteza is an old Italian word meaning “fortress” or “stronghold”. At Forteza our goal is to help each person who comes through our door build their own personal stronghold; the stronghold of their body, mind and spirit.

As lifestyle and fitness coaches, we strive to teach our clients to develop a culture of fitness and healthy living. Through a combination of classical and modern personal training methods, nutritional counseling and fitness education, we seek to provide each person the tools to live a natural, healthy life.

As martial artists and teachers, we seek to revive the rich martial traditions of Medieval, Renaissance and 19th century Europe and make them accessible to every earnest student. We also work to integrate these traditions with contemporary science on health and physical exercise to ensure that participants gain the maximum benefit from activity.

Finally, we deeply believe that as both fitness and martial arts are about self-improvement, one cannot separate actions from ideals. This is reflected in our motto, as you will see below, where mental and ethical values balance physical discipline. We believe that the spirit and ideal of knightly chivalric values and the gentleman’s code of honor have a deep, intrinsic value in our contemporary society; not just in personal development, but in furthering respect amongst individuals of all walks of life.

Strength • Speed • Knowledge • Courage

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